, Married 8/2014

"Love in the Park"
I joined the site on a Tuesday along with one of my friends. I hadn't even finished editing my profile all the way before I started getting messages. I scanned through maybe 25 of them. Then I got one from Nick. It seemed genuine so I messaged him back. I talked to him for a few hours then I got his phone number. We started talking non stop after that. I met him that Thursday at the state park which was by my house. I had two dogs, so I was really looking for someone who loved dogs and maybe had one of their own. which is why we chose the state park. It was so much fun. and then that next Friday July 26th, Nick asked me to be his girlfriend, and we have been together ever sense. He asked me to marry him This February 14th in downtown Chicago. we took a horse and carriage, and stayed downtown. Our wedding will be this August 1st 2014. And we are beyond excited and cannot wait! Thank you guys for helping us find each other!