, Married 12/2014

Although we have been together for 3+ years so far, many of our family and friends don't realize how lucky and random it was for us to have met. In August 2010, Rebecca made an account on the free dating website plentyoffish.com, in hopes of finding some singles to mingle with locally. After almost 2 months of no luck, she was about to delete her account. However, before the website would confirm the deletion of her account, it showed her the profile pictures of 5 more potential matches. One was of an orange race car, #14, Don's car. Having been to Bridgeport before with her family, Rebecca explored the profile. With interest peaking, Rebecca messaged Don: "Is your profile picture from Bridgeport; or from another track I don't know about?" Don, also tired of the website, logged onto his account to delete it as well, but was stopped when he saw he had a message. He figured he may as well read it before deleting the account, and was surprised that the girl who messaged him knew something about dirt track racing. After almost one month of messaging, facebooking, and texting, the two met up on October 16th, for dinner and a movie.Friday, October 16, 2010. Normal, slow Friday at work for Rebecca. Allowed to make her own hours, Rebecca showed up early that day in hopes of leaving earlier for her first date with Don. Unlucky for her, Rebecca neglected leaving out the backdoor, and stopped on her way out by her lab manager, begging her to stay and process the rushed turn around time experiment. Not wishing to further her lab manager's dislike for her, Rebecca chose to stay. However, despite her best efforts, Rebecca was not able to complete the assignment before 4:30pm that night. The only route she knew to the meeting place of Mastoris Diner in Bordentown, NJ, was up Route 130 North. At this time of night, traffic was terrible, and she hit every traffic light possible. Rebecca kept Don posted on the situation, and luckily for her, he waited patiently for her to arrive, only a mere 1 1/2 hours late. She was so flustered when she arrived late that she walked right past Don and to the door without much acknowledgment to his presence. Don hung in there despite her rude greeting. To make matter's worse, Don was just overcoming a cold. Following their dinner, and despite all that had happened thus far, the two ventured on to the movie theater to see the romantic film, Jackass 3D. Something must have gone right during dinner, cause as the saying goes....the rest is history. They were engaged on Christmas morning 2013, and are planning their wedding for the upcoming December, 2014.