Claire & Charlie, Married 6/2012

"Perfect Match!"
I was a single mom with 4 kids, alone after a fiancee passed away. I didn't think anyone would ever truly want to get involved with me. I was afraid anyone would just see me as damaged. Charlie was 4 years divorced, having his daughter part time. He had not been able to find anyone that made him happy. After a handful of failed attempts at dating, I nearly gave up. I stopped opening my POF messages, even though I saw the unread message from Charlie sitting in my inbox. The message sat there maybe 2 weeks, unopened, when I decided to read it. I was surprised by how sincere he was and I wrote him back. We messaged each other for a few weeks. I started to feel like I knew him, and we had never even spoke on the phone. Then we began texting, and soon phone calls. It wasn't long before we had our first date. I just couldn't stop smiling. Somehow I just KNEW, right from the first date, that Charlie was THE ONE I had been looking for all along! We had the same spiritual beliefs, we both loved transformers, sports cars, and pretty much had similar feelings on any subject. I just felt so at ease with him. Only a few months later, we just couldn't stay apart so we moved in together. A few months later, we were engaged. Charlie and I were married at what is both of our favorite place, the ocean! At sunset on Panama Beach in Florida, we said our vows. We have now been together for 2 and a half years. I have no doubt that we will always be together.