, Married

"Second Chance"
Coming out of a two year relationship gone wrong, my friend pushed me in POF's direction. Two months of messaging a couple guys and trying to remember how to flirt, a wonderful guy named Corey finally talked me into going on a date. He had been asking for this date for awhile. Every time I shot him down and came up with some crazy reason to stay home. I liked Corey so much that I was afraid to meet him and have him realize that I wasn't everything he had hoped. But the night we went out and had dinner was the start of something I never would have thought I could find online. After talking for hours and pretty trying to find something we didn't have in common we realized that we had met once before. Years ago in a co-ed scouting group I had been the new girl and he had quit the group too soon to really get to know me. A week after our first date we made our relationship real. And four months after that we were already so much in love that Corey proposed. On Valentine's day at the beautiful La Jolla beach, Corey got on his knee and asked me to be with him forever. As crazy as it sounds to fall in love so quickly we couldn't be happier. It's been a year since the engagement and with saving and planning, the wedding is coming. But it never would have happened if POF hadn't been there to send me back Corey. We missed our first chance all those years ago. Now we have what we always should have.