Micki & Pete, Married

"Be patient, it's worth it!"
Just like everyone else on here probably, I was just about to give up on ever finding my soul mate! I had never talked to someone on here without a picture (or good one), but for some reason, I took the chance with Pete....and I am so glad I did. I was going out for drinks at a local bar (my friend's band was playing), so I emailed Pete and told him where I'd be if he wanted to meet. He ended up showing up (which I really didn't think he was going to)!! As soon as I noticed him walking towards me, I was like WOW...then immediately thought, okay, if he is as nice as he looks and not a jerk, I'm in love!! LOL Well, he wasn't a jerk and we had so much in common. Anyhow, we've been together since July 2012, and we were engaged August 2014. So I must say, it's worth trying POF, and it can be frustrating, but don't give up!! I found my forever!!