, Married 2/2014

"Our Love Story"
Neither of them thought that they would find love online, but somehow, through a random series of events, they did! Tracy had started a profile on Plenty of Fish. A friend and colleague was already using the site, and encouraged Tracy to start. With an attitude similar to “What can I lose?” Tracy started her profile. Bryon had started using POF sometime before, and although wasn’t an active participant, he was letting the fish come to him. In an afternoon of searching through random profiles, Bryon’s smiling face met Tracy, and she had to know more. After a quick read of his profile, with an ending line of “I know my profile writing skills suck, message me if you want to know more” Tracy had found someone who cared enough about their writing to admit when they were wrong. With a message to him of” I don’t think your profile writing skills are really THAT bad…” Bryon now had to know more as well. After messaging for days, they exchanged numbers and texted and talked for a month. Tracy was unsure that he was interested, Bryon was smitten. As a first date, Bryon in true Bryon tradition made it his own by arranging the most interesting date Tracy had ever been on, and one of the best. He drove out from Mesa, and picked her up at her house. It was off for a dinner at the now famous, in their relationship, Floridino’s, and a dive bar for a ska band concert featuring the Two Tone Lizard Kings. Although they couldn’t talk much between the loud music and drunken folk, Bryon and Tracy were hooked on each other. With an ending night text of “I’d like to see you tomorrow” the relationship had started.