Emiliano & Courtney, Married 8/2014

"Opposites Attract"
After finally giving up trying to find my soulmate/the perfect girl. I decided to open up my options. I thought that maybe everyone doesn't find that perfect someone or that I might not find that "perfect" girl but that I would have to settle for being single and unhappy. I was feeling down in the dumps when a friend told me to try downloading the app Plenty of Fish on my smart phone. WIthin minutes my confidence was back. I got responses from numerous singles in the area. I was able to go on dates and do fun outings with different kinds of personalities with people I may have never met and then I got a message from Courtney. She was beautiful, funny and in a short time we got to know each other through messages. We eventually set up a date night. The butterflies in my stomach almost disappeared when I first saw her. Needless to say we hit it off! We went to dinner and then went to a small party with a couple co-workers of mine. Her personality is the total opposite of mine. I truly believe I would have never reached out to someone with the opposite personality type as Courtney if it wasn't for this website. I would of kept on walking down another dead end. We may be opposites but we share similar interests. I mean guys.. she's beautiful, tall, she is a huge sports fan and when I say a huge sports fan I mean she can tell you any player on any team. She plays fantasy football with me, loves golfing, traveling, being spontaneous and adventurous. She is definitely the perfect women. I can't believe I found someone that can be my best friend, share my interests and is more beautiful than any model in a magazine! We are now 4 months away from our wedding in Las Vegas. We grew together step-by-step.. texting, exchanging numbers, dinner dates and becoming an official couple. After a year of that we moved into our first place together and during that time we have experienced life in a way I can not describe. It would take 3 pages to tell you what we have done together in the last 2 1/2 years together! My belief has changed that there is someone for everyone and the saying is true "when you know, you know." I can't believe I get to look forward to the rest of my life with the girl of my dreams! And to think... this fairytale story all started when I downloaded an App called Plenty of Fish on my smartphone. AMAZING!