Mallory & Keith, Married

"Who would've thought?"
Keith lived in San Francisco when he messaged me and I was in Los Angeles. He randomly searched girls in LA because he liked blondes and apparently there aren't too many in San Francisco. He came across my profile and messaged me. He ended up driving down to LA for 5 days and we explored the city together. We were long distance for about 3 months then I relocated to San Francisco and moved in with him. We both just got a new place together and Keith proposed on our 1 year anniversary. We are getting married in November 2014. We both couldn't have imagined we would meet on an internet dating website but we both are so thankful and blessed for our experience. Our story has definitely inspired a lot of our friends and family when we tell them how we met and how perfectly everything worked out with me relocating. We cannot imagine our lives without each other and I don't know if we ever would've met each other without Plenty Of Fish!