, Married

"Love is just around the corner"
We had been talking for a couple of weeks and when it came to meeting up for a date,we were both a bit deflated at the thought of yet another date.However, we went and had a fantastic time together and soon began to see each other most days. We went to the cinema on a date one night (3 weeks of dating) and have lived together ever since. We have done so many fun things together and with our new friends from both sides. We also have a lovely dog. So after 10 months of getting to know each other and just being completely in love, we got engaged in Paris!! Our wedding is booked for 2016.We are really excited to spend the rest of our days together. We are super pals and love each other loads. We can't believe we found each other and we only lived 5 minutes away. We thank POF every now and again for given us the opportunity to meet. Amazing!