, Married 4/2013

I knew I had met my soul mate as soon as I met my husband. At first I thought it was too good to be true but then we met in person... I had a feeling I wouldn't want anyone else. I loved the fact that we are both from Buffalo originally. We started messaging each other, he was in Afghanistan and I was in buffalo.( he was In the Marines) We were long distance for 6 months talking online, then we met in North Carolina when he flew me down to see him in person. I was so excited! When I first seen him I knew I couldn't be without him. We eventually made the long distance relationship work out and then shortly after got married in the beautiful state of North Carolina, in Wilmington. If I had to give advice to anyone I would tell you to be patient, things take time. I was SINGLE for two years looking for the perfect man and found him on this site!