Therese & Adam, Married 6/2016

Adam seemed to me a very interesting person, and he was suggested as a match for me. Prior to meeting Adam I went on a few dates with other gentleman that messaged me..... I got tired of that they really had no interest in making a friend. And that's all I needed at the time was a friendship/ male companion that could grow into something. It turned out we had nothing in common. But Adam... He liked the things I liked. We have a few differences but that's normal. We both have kids, which is what we both were looking for in a partner.He held a good conversation he was sweet, never too pushy or never tried to " play it cool " or run a game on me. He was a genuine person. We talked and texted all the time, went to sporting events movies, hiked went out to local evens, dinner and I even cooked for him. Later on we even had breakfast together ... And it was amazing! A few months went by and we decided to meet each other's kids it went well, then parents, then the real test the kids met each other! It all went well. After a year of dating we are moved in together and a year after that it was going great and that wonderful man asked me to marry him! And I couldn't be happier. I feel blessed to have found him. Thank you POF!