Alexis & Diamond, Married 12/2015

My wife and I met on here. We were both doing nothing on Christmas Day ! I saw her height and almost didn't write her, then I saw her hazel eyes and I was in love !! I messaged her back and forth for a little while until we decided to exchange numbers. We texted for a while, then started talking on the phone and we were on the phone 24/7!! We decided to meet up that weekend at the club, but she never showed ! I was about to cut her off then and there. Lol We then arranged to meet up New Years Eve and we did and that night we had our first kiss! From that day forward we were inseparable. We lived almost 2 hours away from each other I spent about 3 days where she was but had to go home. I came home for one day and we couldn't take the separation so she moved to my hometown with me. Ever since then it's been us !! We got engaged in April 2015 and married in December 2015. Now as of March 2016 we're in the process of trying for our first child ! So to you POF I am forever greatful for helping me find my better half, my soulmate, the love of my life, my wife!!!