, Married 10/2011

"I have the most handsome husband in the world!"
I had just moved to the beach in California and my friend had shown me the POF site so I used it as a way to make friends in the area. So when my future husband came along and we met I wasn't interested in dating. But he was persistent and I came to love him very quick. He was being honerably discharged from the Navy in ten months and had plans to go to school in Florida. Because of my beliefs I didn't want to live with him before marriage and he happens to be the same religion. He asked my fathers permission to marry me about three months before he would have to move. We both said yes! So then came the task of planning a wedding in three months. I didn't want it to be traditional so it made things easier. We had more of a party with vows lol! We got married on October 11, 2011. And left the very next day for our roadtrip/honeymoon to Florida. We've been married and living in Florida for four months now and I'm happier than ever with him. He's my sunshine on a cloudy day an my rock when I feel week. I couldn't have found a more loving, caring and considerate man. And he so sexy to me too!