stacey & todd, Married 7/2010

"found my prince charming!!!!"
We first started talking on here through messages. then it lead to yahoo chat, then phone chat. after a week of talking we decided to meet. We met for Lunch on sunday June 13th. we went and ate chinese buffet. i knew he was different when we sat there for an hour without getting our food. after we ate and talked he asked if i wanted to go see a movie so i said yes. we went and saw "get him to the Greek". after the movie neither of us was ready for the date to end so we went and got mexican food. the first date lasted about 11 hours!!!! the next day he didn't call but he called on tuesday and we went out again. we started spending everyday together. after being together a month he proposed to me. He did it in a joke (just in case i said no he could play it off) but to his surprise i said yes. we were engaged for 2 weeks before going to the courthouse to get married. now it is 2 1/2 years later and 1 baby later and we are still very much in love as that first date.