, Married 10/2010

I was looking to meet some new people- I worked in a bar at the time and didn't want to just hang out with bar stars all the time. So, I made a profile on POF and started messaging people and being social. Then I came across this one profile. I kept coming back to it but not messaging the person. I was chicken. Finally one night I got the balls and sent him a message. It started "have you remembered to take your radish for a walk?". After that we were messaging and texting back and forth. With in a week we set up a coffee date at a local watering hole. When I saw him sitting there waiting for me I just about turned around and left... but he saw me before I could. 4 hours later we both knew there was something here other then just a new friend. With in a few weeks we officially decided we were seeing each other. 4 years later we are still together, happily married with 2 beautiful babies. If it weren't for POF I don't know if we would have ever gotten to meet each other. While we had friends in common, it just never clicked for them to introduce us. You can meet your soul mate in the strangest of situations or locations. For me, it was the internet (something I always scoffed at others for doing). So don't ever give up hope you will find that person, and don't keep yourself hidden away so they can't find you. Love is out there.