, Married 2/2013

"Finding our Soul Mates"
Debbie and I had the good fortune of finally finding each other, looking and praying over the years to find the ideal, if not perfect soul mate to complete ourselves in a manner hoped for by many but rarely achieved. I was hesitant to write to her because she was such a perfect Angle that appeared beyond my reach and my wildest expectations. Not thinking she would ever respond I wrote a brief note more as a lark than as a real attempt to reach out. Reading her profile, she stated she would like to go out for a candle-light dinner. I responded to the effect, "We must meet." Debbie responded, "And why is that?" And apparently I wrote back, "So we can have that candle-light dinner you have looked forward to. She suggested meeting at Drunken Jack's in Murrell's Inlet, SC, on a weekend evening and thus we did. I arrived a few minutes early and she showed up at exactly four minutes after seven. Via cell phone we agreed to meet on the staircase of the restaurant. Standing there, I saw this beautiful Angel walking across the parking lot with her amazing blond hair streaming in the wind. She approached me, and not saying a single word, threw her arms around my shoulders and kissed me on my lips. Upon seeing me, she felt in her heart, that I was the one she had been praying for. "I just knew it," she thought. The evening was amazing. We were soul-mates from then on. We have enjoyed our relationship and thanked God a thousand times for his gifts of each of us to each other. Without Plenty of Fish, this would never had occurred. To add to the wonder, Debbie had planned to leave POF that day, giving up, but then saw my photo; the second from the top. Liking what she saw, she briefly responded and we had a wonderful though brief courtship becoming engaged on Christmas Eve,2012, and married on Valentine's Day of this year at the Conway, SC, courthouse. We will have a more formal affair in July, 2013. We are happily married and every second with each other is a day made in Heaven. To POF Phil and Debbie P.S.: We hope this is inspiring to others who looking for true love.