, Married 3/2013

"A Great Catch in a Sea of Fish"
I had been off and on Plenty of Fish for a year or two and hadn't had much luck. I'd only met one person and that didn't work out. I was beginning to seriously doubt online dating sites even worked. One day I got an email saying Jared wanted to meet me. His screen name sounded similar to another user with whom I'd previously spoken, but had no success. I almost didn't even check out his profile but something told me to. I found we had a lot in common, and he was cute! I usually didn't message guys but I decided to bite the bullet and send him a message. To my surprise he messaged back! We talked for 2 weeks and looked forward to each other's messages. We met over ice cream and clicked instantly. Everything fell into place from there! A month later we started dating and fell in love pretty fast. Our families and friends supported us 100% and we were engaged in May 2012. We married 3 weeks ago. Funny thing is, Jared asked why I messaged him and I told him he sent me a "Meet Me" request. He hadn't seen my profile before! We just say God put us together with the help of Plenty of Fish. I wanted to share our story to help others who are feeling frustrated and encourage them not to give up. Plenty of Fish works!