, Married 6/2013

"<3 True Love <3"
After being recommended by friends, we both signed up for POF to see if we could find love. Low and behold, when I was online one day a profile popped up of a man's face. The smile melted my heart. Anthony's profile made me literally lough out loud!! After messaging for a month and text messages and phone calls, we decided to have our first date. IT had snowed so it was beautiful outside! While we were at the restaurant, we were talking so much that neither one of us really ate our dinners before it was time to close down! To our surprise, I had worked with a few of his friends and went to college with his brothers now fiance!!! It was like it was fate from the start!! After a year and a half of dating, my now fiance popped the question at the restaurant we had our first date at. I said YES and everything has been absolutely perfect since!! I thank god everyday for POF and helping me find my one true love!!!! As a tribute to POF, our wedding favors is a candy station with blue and green nerds, and sweedish fish. Our guests can make their own fish tank with candy and keep it sealed with tags that say "oFISHially Mr. and Mrs."