Rebecca & Anthony, Married 9/2010

"My Country Song"
I tried POF bc it was free! I wasn't going to pay to meet men after all I wasn't bad looking or crazy so I figured some one normal would find me!!! I was a single mom at the time and was open for long distance relationships. I wanted a guy that could make me laugh, tell me when I was being nuts and to know that with all the bagage both of us would bring into the relationship that it was REAL. Anthony was stationed as a Marine in Quantico VA which was about 2 hrs from where I lived and he was going through a divorce. Me being a single mom I decided not to judge and get to know him. I'm sure glad I did. He drove that trip every week just to see me and my daughter! It showed his willingness to make it work! He is a kind man that works hard and would do anything for his family. He loves me on my good days and bad days and we are BestFriends. I never understood it when people said they where bestfriends with there partner? I GET IT NOW! We have been together 4 yrs now and have been married 2! We have my oldest daughter that he treats like his own <3 and we welcomed a new addition in 2011. I want to share our story because I dont think you can always find your soul mate in the same zip code. Anthony was originally from GA!!!! We aren't always perfect but this has been the best relationship I have ever had. Funny fact though we didn't match up from POF's tests :) But he had a funny pic in his profile and I knew from there I would talk if he e mailed me. I hope that I can e mail you 20 yrs from now and report how well things are going but I guess we will see! I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the chance to meet the man of my dreams and have this great life with him!