, Married 7/2013

"Looking for friends, found love!"
When I was relocating from Texas to Kentucky for the Summer to live with my sister, I wasn't sure how to go about meeting people in a small town, that's when I tried my hand at the "meet people in your area" feature on Plenty of Fish. When Ryan started messaging me and wasn't too abrasive, I knew he was someone I could get along with, so I thought why not? I had my first date with Ryan on June 11, 2011! We had a couple drinks while the conversation just flowed, which was surprising after all the texting we did a couple days before, that we didn't run out of things to say, we saw The Hangover 2, then Ryan drove me around his hometown, showing me backroads and where he grew up! After he walked me to my door and I gave him a big hug, we were inseperable! We met eachothers friends and family within the next couple months and everything just felt so right! With my sister (the only person I really knew here) and her family relocating to the Ft. Benning/Ga. area I had to make a big decision, go back to Texas and pick up my life where it left off, or see where this new road takes me....WE MOVED IN TOGETHER AFTER ONLY 3 MONTHS... Almost 2 years later here we are, engaged and getting married!!!!