, Married 6/2014

"Second Chance at a First Meeting"
Two weeks or so after joining POF I found Kristen's profile, and after reading through it and looking at her pictures I felt that I needed to message this girl. A couple of weeks went by and I hadn't heard back, but one Sunday afternoon my iPhone lit up and I had a new message from Kristen. We started talking through messages and soon found out we both loved Christmas. We swapped Christmas tradition stories and that's when it really started to take off. The conversation moved to our college backgrounds where we soon found out we had something in common. Kristen and a very good friend of mine (who is actually a groomsman in the wedding) had graduated from the same school, theatre program and class together. In fact, I had seen a play that my friend had designed lights for that Kristen was acting in. We never met during that time, which is ironic, because I was around that group of friends on multiple occasions. After we found this out we knew this was meant to be. Not long after that we had our first date and started falling in love. The rest is history.