, Married

"Don't give up"
I was becoming frustrated with online dating having tried three previous sites over the course of a year. After being on POF for a couple months I was almost ready to give up but decided not to quit just yet and give it one more week. Todd messaged me that week. We enjoyed emails, then text messages in which he told me that he had also been on the verge to ending his online search when we met. Messages led to phone calls which led to us setting up a date. It was wonderful, we both felt a connection and Friday's dinner saw us making plans to meet Saturday to watch football together, then meeting again on Sunday. Our first date became a long weekend of dates. As we continued dating through the fall I introduced Todd to my children and eventually my parents while he introduced me to his mother. Thanksgiving saw us having a combined family celebration. By New Years Eve we knew we truly had something special.On January 26th Todd proposed over dinner and we set the date for July 3, 2013.