Brooke & Paul, Married

Paul had been on POF for 18 mths & I had been for just over 2 months and we both were about to give up. Paul messaged me first and we chatted for a little while but after a few days Paul called me... I knew after that first call he liked to talk. We both decided we wanted to meet sooner rather than later as we didn't want to waste time if we weren't going to have a connection face to face. Paul being the gentlemen he is asked me to have dinner at a seafood restaurant (my favorite food)close to his home on the Gold Coast so I offered to drive down from Brisbane, pick him up & go to dinner. We had a nice dinner with the best conversation I had in a long time... I was unsure of his outfit however but knew this time I needed to overlook that as this was different from previous dates. Dinner soon turned to coffee & more conversation & a late night. The following weekend Paul came to Brisbane and we had our 2nd & 3rd date... From that weekend on we didn't want to be apart. We did the GC Brisbane commute for a few months but within 4 mths Paul quit his job, sold his home & moved to Brisbane & in with me. We haven't looked back since. We are now 2 weeks from our 1 yr anniversary & recently had a trip to the UK & Italy & France where Paul romantically proposed in Paris & of course I said yes!!