, Married 1/2012

"Geeks in Love"
Ray contacted me during the beginning of August because we were both interested in the same obscure band, They Might Be Giants. We chatted online, which soon turned to phone calls, which then we decided we should meet in person. Disneyland was our best place to go, as I was working there and he had a pass, therefore it was free and a very populated place. We ended up having a wonderful time and had a lovely dinner inside the park. After our first meeting, we then had our first real date at Steamers in Fullerton. A small cafe with live jazz music was a perfect way to get to know each other. At the end of that date, instead of kissing me on the cheek, he kissed me on the hand, and I remember thinking that was so classy! We had our first kiss on the beach one evening, and soon after that he took me to Red Robin in San Dimas and asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated for two years and were nearly inseparable. We took a vacation to New York and discovered that we both had a love for travelling and the big city. We've camped in the desert, and discovered we are great camping and traveling partners! What a relief! I remember after spending a week in New York, he asked if I wanted to come over and have dinner and hang out. I was excited that he wasn't sick of me by then! Our first trip to New York was in January of 2009. We had this amazing day filled with snow, and a lovely carriage ride through Central Park, hot chocolate and lunch at one of the many amazing delis in the city. That evening we found ourselves at Grand Central Terminal and there is a specific spot there that is a whisper gallery. It was there that he told me he loved me for the first time. It was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me and I was head over heels in love. On our second trip to New York, in October 2010, we were going to visit some friends who lived in Connecticut and found ourselves at Grand Central again. We got there with time to spare so he said we should find that whisper tunnel again. Once again we went to our corners and replayed the moment he told me he loved me....but with a twist. It was there he asked me to marry him!!! A complete surprise to me, though I had been wishing and hoping he would ask me for months!! We spent the next year and a few months planning an epic wedding. We decided to get married in Las Vegas, Nevada in January on Friday the 13th. A week later we had a reception at home and had In-n-Out cater the event. It was AWESOME. We'd love to do it all over again!! We've had a roller coast of a first year, mostly filled with wonderful things of getting to know each other even more, moving in together and just discovering all the wonderful things of being married. Ray was a huge support for me and my family when we went through the loss of my brother. It's those awful moments in life as well as the wonderful ones when you know you've found some one who will love you no matter what. Well this all brings us to today, I've finally found the time to write this because i'm on maternity leave. We're expecting our first baby on July 20th, 2013 and we're SO excited and a little nervous! I sincerely wish the best for all of you on Plenty of Fish and hope that you find your true love!!