, Married 7/2013

Mike and I almost didn't meet. I had a bunch of silly responses from other men on the site and I was getting close to deleting my account. I heard it all before. He was joking around a bit when he messaged me and I was pretty short with him on a Saturday night. The next morning he decided to write me a letter, one from the heart. I opened it and I was reading it with one eye (it was early lol) but after a couple of lines I sat straight up in bed abd really started reading it! I wish I could remember what he wrote, we both do but we deleted our accounts so we can't find the content. Anyways...I gave him my number at 10am I think and by 11am we were texting back and forth....for 9 hours! He said instead of wasting time we should meet. I said ok pick a day, he said 7:30 pm. I said what day, he said today! Well I did meet him and within 15 mins I was in his arms, and I haven't left. Mike proposed to me 3 weeks later and we will be married in 4 days. A total of 13 weeks after we met, on July 13th of 2013 and my new last name has 13 letters in it. We didn't even realize the recurring 13 till just recently. A very quick engagement? You bet, I cannot imagine a day without him, and my love for him is a total commitment:)