, Married 7/2013

"Must love Dogs (plural)"
My original tag line on here said "must love dogs PLURAL", and I wasn't kidding lol. I have 3 rescue great danes. Jason didn't let that bother him, and it showed immediantly .. my dogs instantly loved him (which isn't a normality, they're usually kinda shy). I can't lie .. that just made my attraction to him deeper. My animals mean a lot to me. Jason messaged me about a month or so before I responded (I signed up then dissapeared for a while (forgot about the site actually). When we finally started talking it was almost an instant connection, after the 1st date I knew he was the one. We dated until July then got engaged, then we bought a house, and now we're about to get married at the end of July! Life is good! I love him more than words can describe .. he's an awesome person. My family loves him, my son loves him (and he loves my son, which is a HUGE plus), my 3 rescue great danes love him, and our 5 rescue cats love him too .. we make a great team! Everytime someone asks where we met and I tell them "online" and then they ask what site and I respond with "plenty of fish" .. it's always total disbelief .. but the proof is in the puddin' .. because here we are .. happy as can be!