, Married

"Went Fishing and Caught A Keeper!!!"
Matthew had messaged me on here once before, and I didn't reply. But, he was persistent, and messaged me again. I was about ready to delete my profile on here, but decided to give it a chance, and messaged him back. We talked on here for a while, then exchanged phone numbers and spent a lot of time texting back and forth. We decided to meet for coffee at Dunkin Donuts and see if there was any attraction in "real life". He hugged me when he got out of his truck, and that was all it took!! We both felt an instant connection~like we had finally come "home". We sat and talked for 2 hours, then I had to leave because I was competing in the finals of a singing competition. I didn't want to leave!!! I invited him to go to the competition, and to be honest, I wasn't sure he would show up. Well, I got there, and he was already there!! We talked some more in between me singing and the connection just kept getting stronger. At the end of the night, when they announced that I had won the competition, he was cheering the loudest!! From that night on, we have been inseparable...he proposed to me on Mother's Day and I accepted. It truly has been a whirlwind romance, but it feels like we have been together forever. Our love keeps getting stronger every day, and we are getting married in September of this year. I'm so glad I took a chance~ I found more love and happiness than I thought was possible!! Thank you POF for bringing the two of us together!!!