, Married 6/2013

We met on plenty of fish in the spring of 2012. I was looking through potential matches and came across his profile. He looked very similar to the man I had recently broken off my engagement with. He stated he was a Christian and when I found out his name was exactly the same as my ex-fiancé, my heart went thump. We messaged for a couple of weeks then decided to meet for coffee. Our first meeting was just okay for both of us. We decided to meet again and go for a nature walk. That too was okay. In the meantime we continued to talk and meet for coffee occasionally, but soon discovered we had completely different views on life. Let me tell you, we had some heated discussions (ok outright arguments). We didn't see each other again and stopped talking till November of 2012, when I contacted him again out of boredom. It took him a few days to respond, which was okay, because by this point, I thought "oh no, what have I done?" When he did contact me we started to chat again on the phone every night and met for coffee occasionally. In March of 2013 I went with him hauling snow in his gravel truck on the night shift. We both realized we had changed and done some compromising while we were apart, and found out we had so much in common. One night when we were chatting on the phone, I told him I was feeling really down and he sang "Love Me Tender." l fell over the edge for him that night. He asked me to marry him one cold night in March sitting in that gravel truck waiting to get loaded with snow. Not the way he imagined it, and it took me several minutes to say yes. I gave him a bad scare. We are both past 50 and didn't feel the need to wait, so we got married on June 2, 2013. (Second marriage for both). We are both extremely happy together, and totally in love, but still shake our heads in amazement that we found love on an online dating site.