Brandon & Cecelia, Married 8/2010

"One for the Books"
Cissy and I grew up in neighboring towns, and despite the fact I worked with her brother for many years, we had never been introduced. Somehow, it wasn't until after she moved over an hour away to college that we met on PoF. Since we were such a distance apart, it took a few months before we actually met in person. Our "first date" was a couple of dates as she was home for a weekend; complete with a movie, dinner, campfire, and our first kiss. This was March-April of 2007, and by June we were exclusively dating. I will be the first to admit we were a little outside the traditional sense of dating, but it worked out really well for us. By December of 2007, we were living together in an apartment near her school. By this point, we had realized that our life goals, hopes, and dreams were so in common with each other, we had VERY few disagreements, and every time we were together was a joy. Just before Christmas 2008, I proposed, and what a holiday season that was! We spent 2009 getting ready for our big year to come. In 2010, we bought our first house in January, Cissy graduated in June, and our wedding was in October. We took our honeymoon just south of Cancun, Mexico, and of course we weren't ready to come back to real life after the 10 short days. Both of us spent the next 3 years starting our own businesses and growing them to the point of sustaining a family, and sure enough, on July 23rd 2013, our first and only child was born: Micah. We have been together now for over 6 years, and married for 3 of them. Neither of our lives would be the same (or anything remotely close), if it wasnt for Plenty of Fish, where we met. THANK YOU!!