Maja & Darren, Married 5/2013

"Dont be shy, give us a reply"
Dont be shy, give us a reply - were the words of Darren used as a ice breaker. I am not a shy person so i sort of had a go at him via email but he was stubborn he didnt back off and he kept contacting me. Although he lived outside the mileage range i have given, i popped up as a suggestion on his matches and i cought his eye immediately. After a chat on MSN we decided to meet up and it was a love at first sight, he looked a lot better than his photos. I was glad i gave him a chance. After the first date we had a date every weekend although we lived 75 miles apart. After 6 months of dating to cut on the travel Darren got a job transfer in London and moved in with me. We both have kids from the previous marriages and our detailed profiles helped us understand who we want to be our soul mate. We met may 2010, got engaged august 2012 and married may 2013. POF thank you for bringing us together.