Beth & Chuck, Married 9/2012

"Hook, Line and Sinker"
I had been dating online for a while, but chose to keep my bio hidden and only contact those who I thought I would have an interest in going out with. I had been off the site for a while (couple months) and was bored at work one day so I decided to go online and see who might be new to the site, and I ran across Chuck who had only joined a few days earlier. I sent him a message saying “had I not known my bio was hidden, I would have swore he used several of my lines verbatim”, as we had said the very same thing several times in our description of what we were looking for (even down to the way we ended our bio…both typed “HAPPY HUNTING”). He responded and we met within a day of that (it was a Friday evening and we ended up staying out until 2:00am), and agreed to meet again that Sunday for a daytime date in Capitola when he told me that day he was dropping off the site to focus on us, as we had such a connection...and the rest is history…we have been inseparable ever since (he officially moved in 3 months after our first date). I really never thought I could ever meet the love of my life online (just played around with it from time to time when I couldn’t meet anyone “the old fashion way”), but Chuck has proven me wrong…it is actually possible, if you are true to yourself and never settle! We got married in Kauai and will be celebrating our 1st anniversary in September 2013.