, Married

"Dream Do Come True"
I first started my profile to support my sister who was newly divorced. Several of us made profiles to mingle and sample online dating. Initially I was not very active on the site. When I relocated to a new city I decided to update my profile and see what Atlanta had going on. My inbox was jumping with responses and I enjoyed looking at the profiles of people who were interested in me. Corey, my soon to be husband’s profile was basic. I agreed to meet because he said he worked near my house. We meet briefly on Dec 1 and we have been inseparable since. He brings a make it happen fire to my cozy, calm sea. He says I give him peace and love that he has never had before. He gives me a strong yet gentle love that I love reciprocating. We starting dating by building a prayer together, and we are moving forward into marriage praying for god’s blessing to continue rain down on us. Thank you POF for helping me meet the man that is so much more than what I dreamed of.