Josephine & John, Married 7/2013

"Mr and Mrs Jones!"
I messaged John when I first joined POF and it took him a while to even reply but I am SO glad he did! It all started very casually chatting back and forth and then I wanted to arrange to meet with John as I'd met with a few people from the site and knew that sometimes the online spark is there but not the chemical one you get from meeting someone compatible. John was reluctant as he'd never met anyone online before so we began to chat every day online and via text. In the evenings we'd end up talking on the phone for hours and I even fell asleep with John on the phone as neither of us ever wanted the conversation to end! Eventually (after 3 months of talking since John's 1st reply) we met on September 1st 2007. The moment we saw each other in person it was like an explosion of excitement and I knew I wanted to be with John and have a relationship with him no matter where it ended. 2 years later John moved in with me and on our 3rd anniversary of the day we 1st met John proposed and I accepted! We have worked hard on our relationship together in the early years and now we have a really solid friendship as well as an amazing relationship. Everyone who meets us will say we are the Ying to the others Yang, perfectly made to go together forever! We got married 27th July 2013 and are looking forward to spending eternity together and we've never been happier! I am so thankful that POF gave me the chance to meet my one true love and find everlasting happiness in our shared lives together. John really is everything to me, my lover, my best friend, my support, my joker, my protector, my absolute EVERYTHING and now I can finally call him my Husband! Good luck to all of you out there! Just remember, you may find a few toads in the water but your perfect fish is waiting for you somewhere, I hope with all my heart that you all get the chance to meet the one who was made perfectly for you!