Karee & Tamiska, Married 4/2014

"Lion Tames Tiger"
I knew on our very first date that I could see myself married to Miska. Our first date was a romantic dinner and a movie but it was anything but typical. We had dinner at Strip at Atlantic Station in Atlanta GA. During the course of our first date I left the restaurant 3 times changing ticket times because we were having so much fun getting to know each other. We did eventually see Think Like A Man that night and the following night because the first night we were too busy looking at each other! We have been almost inseparable since our first date. I used to say that online dating was for people who were desperate and lacked the social skills necessary to make a romantic connection, but in reality it's a way to filter out the game players, time wasters and those who aren't looking for something serious. It is because of POF I that I met the love of my life, the woman of my dreams, and my best friend. I proposed to her on April 21,2013 and this is proof that online dating does work....with the right person.