Wrayburn & Christen, Married 4/2014

"Sometimes you just know"
We found each other over meet me. I had messaged someone once upon a time ago that kept me from messaging her. For two years I checked her profile and tried to message her. For two years she wondered why I wouldn't message her. One day, I tried and was able to send her a message. We hit it off and it was damned near magical. We messaged back and forth, exchanged numbers, and talked. And talked. And talked. We set a first date for a Tuesday night. We met, we talked, we walked away with a fond memory, and a promise to do it again. The following Sunday we met again. We spent 6 hours talking; it passed like it was minutes. We shared our first kiss. That sealed it. Two months later, I proposed in a way that only I could. She accepted and life hasn’t been the same since. She brings out the best in me. She’s the mom my kids never had. I bring her life peace, and for the first time ever, she knows that she is beautiful. If it weren’t for POF we would have never met. We wouldn’t have changed each other’s lives. We wouldn’t know this kind of happiness or love. Thank you Markus.