Shawn & Kelly, Married 6/2013

"Caught a keeper!"
I messages her first and we had our "coffee date" a few days later. She had my full and undivided attention as soon as I laid eyes on her. We continued to chat, email, text for a few days then had our first actual date, "the wine date," and the chemistry was amazing; by glass number two we were beginning to fall. Our eyes would meet and she'd blush. When it was time to go it was raining cats and dogs. We huddled under an awning, close together and shared the best first kiss in the history of first kisses. I knew right then I had caught my keeper. We both had young kids and love to travel so a Disney wedding in the bahamas was a natural fit! POF was a great experience. Best site, paid or not. (she actually rejected me on another site) And, as it turns out we actually know a lot of the same people and ran in the same circles but never crossed paths. We would not have found each other if not for POF!