Linda & Terence, Married 9/2012

I joined POF not really expecting to meet anyone, I started talking to a few people but nothing serious, I joined in January 2010, and I went on a couple of dates, again nothing came of it and then at the beginning of October 2010 I got a lovely message off a man called Terry, asking about one of the pictures in which l had my mums yorkie in my arms(one that I was going to delete) it turns out he was a dog lover, I went and looked on his profile and saw that he loved motorbikes has well, even better, because so did I, we talked for a week and then he asked to meet up for a drink, I said that l would love to. By the way his pictures were not very clear, so I did not know what he really looked like, we arranged to meet and I stood waiting and a car pulled up and I took a deep breath and looked in the car and wow there was a really good looking man, I let go of the breath that I had been holding, Terry later on told me that he heard Robbie Williams song SHE'S THE ONE, playing and he knew I was his soulmate, we went for a drink and never stopped talking, it wasn't until the landlord came over to tell us he was shutting up that we realised what time it was. We arranged to meet up again, and again we got on like we had known each other forever, on the third date we decided to come off POF, He told me what song he heard when meeting me for the first time and I gave him a cd and told him that it was my reply to his song, it was Adele's MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE, and the rest is history, Our first wedding dance was to SHE'S THE ONE and MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE. I wanted to share my and Terry's story because I want people to realise that dating sites do work, and there is someone for everyone out there no matter what you look like and no matter what age you are.