Taylor & Brittany, Married 10/2011

"My best friend"
Me and my wife Brittany first started talking in January of 2011. We never really thought that it would exactly go anywhere, since we lived almost two hours apart from each other. We talked for about a month or two before we even met up. When I met her, I fell in love with everything about her. I would spend all the money that I earned when I was 18 just to go see her every weekend. We dated for awhile and I later enlisted into the Air Force. Once I finished tech school, I received orders to Okinawa Japan. At this point it put a lot of stress on our relationship and made us realize how much we truly loved each other. A few weeks after I received my orders, I asked her to marry me and she said yes. I was still in South Carolina at the time, while I was in tech school in Texas. I was unable to marry her there, so I flew back to South Carolina on a weekend and we got married in Tennessee. It honestly was the happiest day of my life. We now are currently living in Okinawa Japan and will be married for two amazing years in October. I am glad that I met her on here and she is my world and always will be.