, Married 11/2013

"Bond meets Moneypenny"
Thinking outside the box was definitely on our agenda with no preconceived ideas. We were open to new relationships, although marriage was the last thing on our minds as we had both been terribly hurt by our ex (me 10 yrs and Ferrah 7yrs). What surprised us both was the connections we shared in so many ways: our thought processes, the way we speak, our choice of phrases, our outlook on cultures, the way we interact with people and animals. We met up for dinner with my 12 yr old daughter who did most of the interviewing...........she was totally smitten by Ferrah. The rest they say is history. The thing that hit us most though was the intense desire to be married to one another so that everybody knows how committed we are to each other. People tell me I am an enigma (and a Maverick), but I think the same thoughts of Ferrah. It has been a whirlwind romance but when people meet us as a couple, they assume (if they do not know) we have been an item. We are very upfront in telling people how we met and we left our pages up stating this for the last three weeks. Thank you so much again, Marcus.