, Married 8/2013

"We Found Each Other Again"
From the time that Bob and I first started "talking" on POF, we felt that we had known each other from somewhere else, and some other place in time. Sounds hokey...huh? I had always heard that when you find true love, you "just know". Bob told me that he had never experienced that before, even tough he had been married for 25 years. I had been married once before when I was 21, but had never experienced that either. Our experience with POF has been the most amazing, magical and unexpected experience that we could ever imagine. We took our time. Emailing for 3 weeks before talking and then talking on the phone for 4 weeks before meeting in person. When we finally met, we felt like teenagers....giggling and staring at each other. We quickly realized that we knew each other........not that we had ever really met before.....but our souls "knew" each other. Our first real date was 08/24/12......we were engaged on 02/24/13.......and married on 08/24/13. We married our best friends. We wish the best for others and their quest to find true love.