Donna & Stephen, Married 7/2013

"Love at First Sight Does exist"
I had been on some pretty awful dates and was about to delete my profile when Steve messaged me saying "someone local at last"...nice and romantic, Not... The only reason I messaged back was because his profile photo was of him carrying his little daughter and I told him he should take the photo off and replace one of just himself. It turned out it was his niece and not his daughter and he changed the photo and asked for my opinion. Anyway we chatted for just over a week and then decided to meet for our first date...more romance as we met on a supermarket car park lol. The date was wonderful it was in the afternoon and he took me for a country drive followed by a walk by the river...just perfect...he had actually READ my profile and took me to visit one of my favourite places. From that day on we were inseparable...we eventually met each others children and grandchildren follwed by moving in together and ending with our marriage July 2013. We are now one big happy family my daughter and his sons refer to each other as brother and sister and my grandchildren call him grandad and his parents insist I call them Mom and Dad. Thank you for helping me find my best friend and soul mate.