Lisa & Ryan, Married 8/2013

Ryan and Lisa met online through Plenty of Fish in May 2011 and started dating shortly after that. However unknown to them their online connection was not the first time they had met. They originally met back in 2003 when they were both attending Durham College for Sports Administration - Ryan was one year behind Lisa. Lisa designed hooded sweatshirts for the program, and sold them to all First Year, Second Year, and Post-Diploma Sports Administration students. Lisa's mom Nancy recently located the form confirming the two had met, with Ryan's signature on the page. A little back story to Ryan's proposal... In September 2011, Ryan and Lisa had decided to walk around Bobcaygeon stopped for ice cream at the Kawartha Dairy on the other side of town. When they were walking back the sky turned black and it started pouring so they ran to hide under a tree - brilliant plan! Unfortunately, it wasn't very dry under the tree (go figure...), so they ended up taking shelter under the roof of a church. Lisa decided that since she was already soaked, it would be a great time to go and play in the giant puddles that had formed during the downpour. They laughed a lot, had a great time, and when the rain stopped they walked back to their car. The Proposal... On the 2012 Victoria Day long weekend Ryan and Lisa traveled up to Bobcaygeon for a visit, and went out to lunch with Ryan's parents Allyson and Ron. Ryan suggested that they go to Kawartha Dairy after lunch to grab some ice cream. Lisa of course agreed, because she loves Kawartha Dairy ice cream! After they ordered their ice cream, Lisa and Ryan started walking back to meet Ron and Allyson in 'downtown' Bobcaygeon. Ryan made sure that they took the same route that they did back in September (Lisa tried to go the wrong way), and they held hands and pointed out all of the trees they hid under. When they arrived at the church, Ryan directed Lisa over to the church steps that we had stood on where she promptly spilled ice cream on her shirt. While she was distracted by the ice cream mess she had made, Ryan put his ice cream down and was suddenly down on one knee. He told Lisa that the steps we were standing on was the first place he realized that he was in love with her, and asked her to marry him. Ryan then slipped the ring they had chosen together on her finger, and an older couple who had been watching from across the street yelled out their congratulations. Ryan and Lisa are both very happy and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. They were married on August 10, 2013 in Bobcaygeon.