, Married 9/2013

"Setting Sail on a Voyage in the Amorous Ocean..."
It all started out in my job mindlessly surfing the web as part of my lone boredom when unexpectedly, I get a pop-up advertising about this so-called "POF" and how it was known to be the most successful online-dating website. Being a computer major, I was very skeptical at first in trying it out because of identity theft, spam, and viruses that harm one's computer. Having realized I was single for a while, my heart gave in...I made an account, and looking from profile to profile, I started to lose hope...until I saw her...I made the attempt of talking, and we just clicked from that very moment like a magical fire. She mostly loved how I was corny in everything I said, and it's like I could see everything about her in my eyes down to her views in life, and how she wanted to help as many people as possible because she has a big heart. When we first met in person, I walked all around the mall trying to find her while hiding a rose behind my back, and with sweat dripping all over my body cause I was nervous. We spent the night eating at a restaurant, and walking at a park by the lake. I'll never forget the look she made when I asked her out; a cute, bubbly yet nervous face when I slowly leaned-in to kiss her...it was the start of our beautiul relationship. It was even a more perfect time cause the wind blew on her hair like she was being lifted by love. I help her make all of her dreams come true because she means the whole world to me. Although we've only been dating 5 months now, it's that feeling you have inside that tells you she's the one; she's "Ms. Right", and we already have plans to get married when we're a little bit older in our late 20's, and have beautiful twins! (her wish) I could go on, and on until the end of the world to say I love her...one thing is that I'm very open to people, and she can be a little bit shy, so baby; if you're reading this now, here's my little surprise! But this public post is nothing because I'm going to let the whole world know that you're my one and only love! <3