, Married 1/2014

"You helped us find each other."
Dave had only been on pof for about two weeks before he met me. We texted for a while, however although he seemed extremely sweet and nice, I had convinced myself it was too good to be true and remembered all of the duds I had met before him off of the site. One day my friend Kyra (and now my maid of honor) were talking about him and she convinced me to meet him. That next weekend we met in person at Kutztown U where I was currently attending. We hit it off immediately and saw each other that next weekend at my parents house for a party. I figured if meeting my entire extended family the second time he sees me doesn't scare him away, nothing will. That night we got even closer and had actually pronounced a competition with my brother and Kyra that would say which couple is cuter. -We still say we won. That same week Dave and I fell in love and began officially seeing each other. Despite everyone's doubts, Dave shared with some of his best friends and his mother that he knew he was going to marry me within the first fifteen minutes of meeting me. I on the other hand, had a more difficult time admitting to it. The first time he said I love you, I held out on him. It wasn't until later that day did I say it when it accidently slipped out of my mouth when he was leaving for work. He turned around, said "what did you just say?" Smiled, and left. We continued seeing each other and lived together in two different places. About a year and a half in, Dave shared with his friends and family that he wanted to propose and asked my parents over dinner. We got engaged at Long Wood Gardens with all of our close family there. The traffic was stopped and it was like a perfect teary eyed movie scene. Dave and I are very pleased to say our wedding will take place on Jan. 4, 2014. Thank you pof for allowing us to find the one we love!