Debbie & Spencer, Married 5/2014

Once upon a time there was a prince. He wanted someday to become king, king of all his wonderful kingdom but alas the prince could never become a king until he had fulfilled his utmost desire, the greatest desire that he had yearned for for all of his life and that desire was to find one day a lady that he could love like he had loved no other on this earth, a lady that he could love like no other, a lady that would love him as if she had never loved before, that she would love like no other and until that day came he vowed to never become anyone's king. For forty five long years he waited, never had he found a lady that could become his everything until one early summer's day while out 'fish'ing in the cool 'breeze' he came upon an image of a lady that made his heart quicken, she, he thought might have 'plenty of' qualities that might interest him and unbeknown to him she had been in his kingdom already for a full seven years. He was so proud, so happy that his greatest desire had been found. Never had he felt this love for anyone and never had he been loved like this by anyone. She would become his queen and he would become her king. Yes, a happy ending that they both so deserved, to be loved honestly, to be fair and kind and to live happily ever after. Sent from my iPad