Claire & Richard, Married

"Mine and Richards story"
After losing my dad I went into a shell no matter what I did or the people dated nothing or no-one could make me the fun loving person I was before my dad passed then I met Richard he was not like any other man I dated he was so kind and gentle I never known a man like we dated and had fun went on camping holidays he brought me out of my shell again I just wish my dad was here too meet the man his little girl is gonna marry one day but he has already met him as my dad sent him to look after me like an Angel and after darting For four yeah we found out we where pregnant which was the best felling ever and then a few weeks later Richard asked me to marry him I said yes and now we are a family me Richard and our little girl Abigail I just wish my dad was here to watch her grow up and one-day minute future walk me down the aisle at my wedding thank you pof for making all my dreams come true