, Married 7/2012

I met my hubby on January 2011 and 1 year later we were married. I know it seems so fast but Ladies and Gents when you meet the right person you will know. So let me start from the beginning I was on POF previously and I met a really ___ guy I think he is still on here lol I was a single mom and this guy Flex_19 (O.D.C) had 4 kids 3 baby moms so I thought it could work( Don't ask I was dumb lol ) THANKFULLY it didn't this guy was Horrible he is a cheater, a liar just cruel so I left POF saying I will never come back. However, One day I was really bored so I resigned up for POF and January 1st 2011 I got a Happy New Years email from Shadow (don't ask lol) so looking at his picture as we women do he wasn't my type but then I thought hey so far my type has cheated on me abused me and left me so I will give this one a shot. Best decision of my life I honestly married my best friend from day 1 he was funny, attentive, loving, respectful and nurturing towards my 1 yr old daughter it was a dream come true. After a month of talking on the phone bbm msging lol we decided to officially date 1 yr later we were engaged 3 months later we were married and I could not be more happier. This man proved to me that not all men are the same, don't judge a book by its cover, and when you put God first good things will come to you. we have been married for 1 year he has adopted our daughter, we opened our own business and we are Happy :)