, Married 5/2014

"Ryan & Bri"
May of 2011, Briana & Ryan first met through the online dating site, Plenty of Fish. Briana had just moved back to Indiana from California and thought she would give the online world a try. She first tried Match.com but then a friend had told her about POF. So Briana decided to check it out. Upon registering with the site, all she wanted to do was create her profile and check it out...but before she could even fill out any information, a chat box popped up. "Skeeb23 would like to chat with you." As soon as that one popped up, 20 more began to pop up from other people. Briana was instantly overwhelmed and closed out all the pop up boxes. Skeeb23 stood out because he was the first to send her a chat box, but also the name and his picture next to a giant green frog. Skeeb23 sent Briana a few messages, and she would see him online almost every time she logged on...but for some reason she ignored all his attempts.... Weeks had passed and Briana wasn't sure if the online thing was for her. She was a cautious person and didn't like the idea of not knowing who you were really talking too. She was just about to delete her profile all together, when something told her to just start over...And with that fresh start, she decided to message Skeeb23. She thought, why not? It was something about his persistence. He was the first guy to message her and want to chat with her, why not see who this guy really was? So they began to exchange messages back and fourth for a few days. His name was Ryan and he was funny and interesting and sincere. And then he asked her if she wanted to meet...Briana wasn't so sure if this was such a good idea and initially said no. On May 25th 2011, Briana had a job interview that seemed to go great. She told Ryan all about it and they had exchanged messages throughout the day. She admitted to him that maybe she should have said yes to meeting up with him, and he replied that if she wanted too, he would still meet up with her... It wasn't until about 9pm at night, in the middle of a massive thunderstorm that Briana would finally say ok! There was thunder and lightening and hail and possible tornado warnings... Ryan found this quite funny and I am sure he thought she was a little crazy! So they met downtown at champs and decided to go see a movie. It was between Bridesmaids or Thor. He told Briana to pick and she said lets flip a coin. Thor won! After the movie they stood in the parking garage talking for what seemed like hours. It was nice and they laughed and when it was time to say goodbye, Ryan kissed Briana on the cheek. Briana went home that night with a feeling of excitement. She later text Ryan to ask him if he'd come with her to a party with her that weekend, and he then said he would only come if she agreed to let him cook her dinner one night before the party. She agreed and from there it all began! Fast forward two years to the day... May 25th 2013, It was their 2 year anniversary from their very first date. Briana and Ryan were excited and decided to make dinner reservations at McCormick and Shmick's. They were going to get all dressed up and splurge on a nice dinner to celebrate two years...But Ryan had something else up his sleeve. Briana came home from work and Ryan asked how long it would take her to get ready. She replied with about an hour...Briana went in to take a shower and when she got out, Ryan was gone...not sure where he had went, Briana then found a note on her bathroom door. It read, " Babe, I went to get and energy drink for later. Be right back. Oh...note for you on my computer screen! Love you." Briana goes over to his computer and reads, A Quest to find Ryan. There was clues and a list of rules and every time Briana gets one of the clues, she was to take a picture of it and upload it to facebook to get the next clue. Now as sweet as this was, Briana (A) needed to get ready for dinner and (B) has a junkie phone that freezes up every time she tries to take a picture. The first clue was to go to the POF website and take a picture of how they met. Somehow Briana skipped this one and went right for their movie collection to find Thor...And guess what, there was a clue there. Unfortunately she started the game out of order. Once kind of on track, she continued to get clues that lead her to taking a pictures of the dating website, the movie, Winston (their dog), Ryan's mom, Cedar Point (where Briana and Ryan went last year), and of a picture of the speedway gas station, which wasn't the right clue...Apparently Ryan had many more clues, but Briana messed it all up. He finally told her to drive downtown, take the Washington Street exit, park in the mall parking lot, and to meet him outside of where they had first met up 2 years ago (Champs). As Briana parked the car and was coming up the escalator in the mall, she looked over her shoulder and saw Ryan sitting on a bench. They exchanged a smile and when Briana approached Ryan, he told her she wasn't suppose to have seen him and was to go outside. Briana just laughed, as she knew she messed the whole game up. Ryan had left his sport coat down in the car and so they walked back down to the parking garage. Once at his car, Ryan said that he had lied and that there was one more surprise as he got down on one knee and proposed. Briana looked at him speechless, then hugged him tight for a few seconds, and then realized she should probably give him an answer. She said YES of course as her hand shook as he put the ring on her finger. She couldn't believe it! They then continued on to dinner while posting their excitement all over facebook, and then the wedding planning began! Now you might not think a parking garage is the most romantic place to get engaged. But it honestly was the most perfect place for Ryan to purpose! Our wedding is May 31, 2014, thank you for reading our story! Best of luck to all the singles out there looking for their soul mate!!!