, Married

"Found a Diamond in the Rough!"
It is amazing to have met my Mr. Wonderful online! I had my search settings for guys my age and taller than me for most of my time of POF. One day after several disappointing meet ups I decided to switch it up. I started looking at guys a few years younger, some almost my height (5'8"). The same day I got about 5 messages and Andy was one of them. He had a great detailed profile with some things that caught my eye. He lived pretty far away (70miles) but expressed a desire to come see me His pictures were pretty good. He says he almost didn't message me because I was so hot. We started messaging and then texting and met after three days, spent another night on Skype. Second date he asked me out, third date he met my mother. We moved in together in September. Its' been 5 months and I'm going to be his hot Mrs.! He proposed lastnight! So over the moon! True love does exist! thanks for making the connection POF!