, Married 12/2013

"Jenn and Warren"
We met on POF on the 1st of March 2013. I think we talked every day through chat or email until our first date on the 22nd of march. That first date was amazing, we talked and talked and talked. I was head over heals for her the second I laid eyes on her through the window of the restaurant we met at. The date was like I said amazing and at the end of the night after we parted ways I texted her and asked when would be too son to ask her on a second date, granted it was 1200 at night. She said it was never to early. So i asked if I could cook her dinner after work on Saturday and we have spent every day together since then. She and I have so much in common its uncanny. My kids got to meet her on easter and she fell in love with my kids the same way she fell in love with me. This meant the world to me. My daughter actually told me after she had met Jenn that she was changing her 6month rule(I couldnt marry anyone until I knew them for 6 months) to 6 weeks. All 3 of my kids siad the same thing "Dad you nee to marry Jenn, she treats you right and loves you (they all witnessed the abuse I went through from my ex wife)." So that did it for me, I already knew but getting there approval was amazing. So on my birthday, which just happened to be her moms birthday, my daughters birthday and my grandmothers birthday I gave her mom a card. On the inside it read. Please read this first part to your self, I didn't know what to get my hopefully soon to be mother in law for her birthday but (now read aloud) can you ask your daughter to around, I have a question for her. She turned and there i was on one knee to pop the question. Well she said yes and we are due to get married this December. I can say I am truly in love and finally feel safe with an amazing woman! Thank you POF